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Sponsored Campaigns

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Outside Academy x Hyundai

For a $6M campaign with Hyundai we created Outside Academy — an immersive AR adventure on Instagram offering in-depth, educational experiences and breathtaking 360° views from America's most iconic national parks. See more.


Robot Deliveries x Amazon

To cover the introduction of Kiva robots I worked with Amazon and assigned videographer Stephen Wilkes to document the life of a package in their new fulfillment process.


The Drones Issue x Intel

To create the drones issue, we brought on Intel in a $1M partnership and used almost 1000 of their drones to recreate the classic TIME border and logo with drones. See more.


Photo Walks x X Games

In partnership with ESPN, I ran a series of activations at the X Games, bringing photographers to lead photo-walks and cover the events for Nat Geo's Instagram accounts and a VR experience for attendees. See more.

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In The Field x Samsung

In an ongoing Instagram-based sponsorship with Samsung, we sent National Geographic photographers on assignment equipped with Samsung photos and created the first sponsored Instagram reels.

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