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Creative Storytelling

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The Drone Issue

I orchestrated an issue of TIME magazine focused solely on drones and photographed entirely by drone. For the cover I directed a sponsored cover shoot using 958 Intel drones. See more from the issue.


AR on Instagram

Over the course of a year, I launched 20 AR filters on Instagram, working with Rolex to attract 50 million people to climb Everest in AR and with NASA to let them travel to Mars. These led to a $6M campaign with Hyundai for 12 custom AR filters through America’s Parks.



VR Is For Artists

I teamed up with Google to assign artists to paint and sculpt in VR for a TIME story on the release of Tiltbrush, an app that lets people paint in 3D space. See more.


What Makes Disney Possible

For the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, I worked with Disney to bring National Geographic's Instagram audience behind the scenes at Disney to show what makes the park possible. See more.



Other Types of War

To push the boundaries of traditional TIME photo assignments, I sent conflict photographers into simulated war scenarios. This included inside the video game The Last of Us and to the world's largest paintball game. See more TIME projects.

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